The soul in the Lord.
it is eternal spring,
it is the fullness of love,
It is true friendship.

Your gentle smile
that fills the soul with peace
like the sound of the breeze
in the serene morning

The soul in the Lord
is a song of joy,
beautiful as a flower
bright as day.

Like your serene look
Like your friendly hug,
like the union of the eternal
which fills the soul with joy..

The soul in the Lord
iis like the innocence of a child
who approaches without fear
his loving father

Like your friendly words
that tells me of the one I love,
or you welcomed presence
which I always gladly await.

The soul in the Lord
is eternal spring,
because it is watered
from the true fount.

Like your sincere friendship
or like lasting love,
like the true light
illuminating my path.

The soul in the Lord
is young and fresh,
always conveys love
softly and sweetly.

Like you, dear friend
you’re a blessing of the Lord
and you are to me
a gift of his love.

Oh Jesus, we thank you!
You lured us to you,
We are always in your hands
It was you who joined us.