Called together with all of God’s people to the fullness of Christian life, we consecrate completely to God loved above all, through our religious profession, following Christ more closely. (Const No 1)

The Rule of the Poor Clares, instituted by St Francis, is this: to follow the Holy Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ, to live in obedience without any personal belongings, and in chastity. (St Clare)

Our vocation is to contemplate and glorify God in silence and solitude, given totally to Him in continuous and generous prayer and penitence, keeping God firmly in our spirit and life. (Const No 60)


Given completely to God Who gave Himself unreservedly for us, and in Him, with Him and for Him we offer ourselves to the Father. (Cons no 66)

Our consecration to God forces us to abandon ourselves to divine action, but it doesn’t make us strangers or useless for the world since through our prayer we take ownership of the joys and hopes, struggles and sorrows of mankind in any affliction.

It belongs to the contemplative to carry in her heart the hopes and pains of every human being. We are called to be, as St Clare teaches, helpers of the same God and strength of the hesitant members of the church.

We continuously implore in our prayer to graces for the whole people of God. (No 78 Const)


God our Father engendered in His church, with his Word and St Francis’ example, the religious family of St Clare. And the church of Brownsville received it among the variety of gifts given to her by the Holy Spirit. (Cont No 60)

Our mission in our local church is:

  1. Adore the Most Blessed Sacrament
  2. To pray for the intentions and needs of the Diocesan Bishop, the priests, seminarians, and pray for vocations to the priesthood. Since it is through the priests’ ministry that it’s made possible for us to adore the Eucharist in this world, like St Francis says, they administer to us spirit and life. And, in imitation of St Francis and St Clare, we adore, full of faith and devotion, Christ present in the Most Blessed Sacrament and center of our life. (Const No 68)
  3. The celebration of the Eucharist, the praying of the Liturgy of the Hours and the Holy Rosary, open to the public, so that they may participate with us.
  4. The celebration of the Holy Hours for vocations every Thursday with the participation of the different parishes of our Diocese.
  5. Pray for the needs of our local church.

Every day we place in the hands of our Eucharistic Jesus all the needs of our world, and the intentions entrusted to our prayer.