One summer evening
when walking in the garden
I felt someone watching me
and touching my hand.

I did not understand
wasn’t even expecting it,
but it was all so beautiful,
without knowing I was looking for it.

You came that day
I recall, in one afternoon,
resembled a soft wound
a flash of burning flame.

You said, come with me
I have called you out of love,
I said no, I do not want to follow,
Please do not call me.

You said, do not be afraid
I will give you a new life,
I said, no, I can not,
find another to follow you.

You looked at me tenderly
waiting for my answer,
as I was not ready
You filled me with your sweetness.

Your gaze was beautiful,
It was soft as the breeze,
as beautiful as a rose
And as pleasant as a smile.

I remained silent
not knowing what to say,
You were talking, I was silent
You said everything for me.

I did not say a word
it was no longer necessary,
You transcended inside me
And you embraced me on the outside.

I could resist no longer,
because I felt that I loved,
with your loving presence
I felt you close to me.

Your gaze fell on me
reaching deep,
It was so soft and delicate
able to change my world.

That way you crossed my life,
Lighting the way,
You healed the wound in me
and changed my destiny.