The Lord called you

The Lord set his eyes on you
He called you to be a priest
in your ear rang his call
He wanted to be your inheritance and your lot.

Leave everything and follow my steps
without fear because I am with you
I see … I need your arms,
you will be with me forever

Fisherman on behalf of other seas
you will be for me the instrument,
by your hands I will come to the altar
I will come down to be a Sacrament

You will be the support and shelter
of souls going astray
finding the pastor and friend,
they will then turn to me.

You will search everywhere in roads
looking for the lost sheep,
in your hands are their destinations,
to cure and heal the wound.

Yes Lord, I followed your call
and I have been happy in my life
I still remember your tender glance
which in my struggles have sustained me.

your yoke is soft and light
and your love lightens the load,
I want to be close to you always
be my life short or long

I searched for the lost sheep,
and the healthy I’ve fed,
welcoming the misunderstood,
I’ve watched after all