Oh Jesus who stayed in the Host
to be my drink and food,
for love of me You went to that extreme,
You changed wheat into food
You are a living source, you are a torrent,
for the poor thirsty for life,
who longing to quench their burning thirst,
search in You, sweet bread, cool drink.
I adore you, my God here present,
You are the backbone of my life,
You hide,
under the sign of bread.
You stayed, Jesus, in this Host
like bread that revives and strengthens,
giving peace, great love, infinite joy
to the heart saddened without you.
You are light, you are peace, you are confidence
you are good, supreme good, sweetness,
You grant faith, love and hope,
You fill all with your beauty.
You stayed Lord, You are with me,
from Your source I always want to drink,
You’re really more than a friend
Close to you I always hope.