Clara you are a flame of love,
as a spring flower,
chosen of the Lord,
Christian so true.

You carry in your heart,
the tenderness of a mother,
a melodious song,
and the firmness of a father.

Enlightened by God,
taught by Francis,
the two lovers,
the same ideal which is Christ.

Christ blessed is your love,
and together with Him, Mary,
He is your love and your Lord
and Mary your company.

Attractive as a magnet
ladies will follow you
they all go to San Damian,
leaving the vain things.

Your joy is the Lord,
your treasure the poverty,
your wealth is love,
your sisters your strength.

Flame of love are you,
which you light in whoever touches you,
an ardent momentum
burning craving for eternity.

Disciple of the Lord
Clara flame of love alive
perfect love is in you,
seeking heavenly things.

Teach us to live,
burning in your flame
in order to die
in the Lord who loves us.