St. Mary of the Angels
Is dressed up with flowers,
and the friars with their praises
and torches faithfully await,
The arrival of a lady,
who walks among shadows,
in a hasty pilgrimage
responding to the God who loves her.

This sweet young one is Clare
whom Jesus marries,
on a beautiful night
which only the monks witness.

Francisco cuts her hair,
consecrating her to God,
He throws her hair away
and then places the veil.

At the foot of the Lady,
very close to the altar,
Clara came to consecrate
to her Lord adoring him.

The Angels witness,
the marriage of the Lord,
and with infinite love
I invite you as friends.

Oh beautiful and lovely night!
Who may be present?
where that young one
is happily married.

Clare and Jesus are spouses
in the house of Mary,
enjoy their company
in a harmonious environment.

Since that holy night
eight centuries have passed,
in which Clara and his beloved
enjoyed their pure love.

Eight hundred years ago
and it seems like yesterday,
when in that evening
their link was consummated.

Clara continues to illuminate
with her flame our life
because it is well lit
in her God who love her still.

Flame burning bright
she continues her example,
always lit in the Temple
and the soul of the believer.

Clara you are a burning flame,
that can never be extinguished,

because it was born of love
for the One who is still living.